The best protection possible.


Every client brings specific requisites within a constantly shifting, dynamic framework. We do not adhere to a one-size-fits-all approach. Our management structure considers multiple options to find apt solutions.

We manage the most relevant aspects of the global market, giving us key tools that allow us to negotiate with efficiency.

As independent shareholders we seek out the best international associates, reaffirming our commitment with our clients.


We fly ahead of the curve. We are the heirs to a tradition, pillars of our vast trajectory.

From the beginning, commercial aviation has been central to our business.

Our trajectory has been built on specialization– on systematic and repetitive efforts within a unique sector of the market. The results: goals achieved, operational capacity expanded.

With a comprehensive view of the market, we have continued to grow in conjunction with the Americas’ largest airlines, offering a service in accordance with the market’s complex activities.


The general aviation sector is very diverse. Protecting it appropriately imposes certain requirements that test the daily capacities of an operator.


In combination with a proven track record in evaluating risk, we have years of creativity that take financial objectives into account. Our work with cargo, taxis, sanitation, and private or corporate jets and helicopters represents our continued desire to take on unique challenges.


Dedicated to aircraft with hull limits from $500,000 to $4,000,000 USD. With up to $25,000,000 RC capacity.


Dedicated to aircraft with hull limits from $4,000,000 to $50,000,000 USD. With up to $200,000,000 RC capacity.


Provides coverage of Hull War up to $50,000,000 USD.

The aviation sector and its demands are growing. In turn, so is our capacity to respond.


Added value for results.

Fishing, shipping and industrial companies linked to maritime activity require more than just assistance. Our work enhances their opportunities, integrating their efforts with exposure to risk and their long-term needs.

For them, we coordinate the comprehensive process of quotation, placement and customer service. We do this by controlling the direct channel and the variables of the international reinsurance market.


Business strategy, potential risks, capital requirements, need for qualified information. These aspects -among others- are part of any regional economic context. Since they are interrelated, they form a network that affects decision-making.

Our range of products is designed for companies with a presence in several countries; covering risks of high technical complexity, catastrophe exposure or any other type of protection that requires access to the international reinsurance market.

Advancing leaving a footprint of quality.

With highly specialized local teams, we strengthen our solutions targeted at enterprises demanding tailored programs.

Evolving with professionalism, prepared to respond swiftly to companies of all sizes, including individuals.


Deregulated economies have contributed to the development and specialization of all business sectors. Today, local insurance companies have a thorough and professional understanding, not only of their business and their exposure, but of the comprehensive functioning of the reinsurance market.

The efficient combination of our clients’ work teams, added to ARG’s international experience, allows us to achieve top flexibility in the design and administration of automatic programs.