50 years of innovation and global expansion

World-Class Specialists

Our experience and versatility form the basis for an expert knowledge of the global insurance marketplace. We are attentive to change and opportunities. Based out of Argentina, Brazil, the United States, and Spain, we are recognized specialists in many countries throughout the Americas and Europe.

Our Mission

To evolve with professionalism, maintaining agility to respond to companies of various sizes, including individuals.

We are what we do

We rise to challenges of any scale and turn them into competitive advantages. We are experts in Aviation and Marine Risks, but we intervene in risks of all kinds where reinsurance pricing is relevant and the basis for retail pricing.

Our mode of working manifests in a clear vision that ensures concrete and appropriate decision making.

We generate comprehensive analyses and utilize local teams with international tools and resources. Above all, we seek to add value to processes, attentive to our clients’ success.